This week in pictures

Some pictures from this week: 
Bought Tillie's first swimsuit. Can't wait for the beach.

Last week Tillie starting sucking on her fist. It's funny to me that she doesn't suck her thumb or fingers, but just the top knuckle.

Walking with Lizzie on Greenwich Ave. Most of the conversation centered on the excitement for her new arrival, and wondering when he'd be here (can't believe she went into labor that night).

Tillie slept 8 hours for the first time. We all woke up happy.
Best part about it is that she's continued to sleep over 7 hours every night. 

Field trip to the city to meet up with Emily.

The concrete jungle

It never gets old

Meeting handsome baby James. First time Tillie's met a baby younger than her and I can't believe she's grown this much in only two months.

My sweet thoughtful parents sent flowers "for the mother of their grandchild in Connecticut" for Mothers Day

Some wisdom from the Mothers' Lounge in our church. 
I love that you can see our shadow in this picture. 

Found a hidden waterfall on our Sunday walk

And that's the week!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to visit us & baby James. James & Tillie are destined to be good friends.


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