Mothers Day

This has been such a special day. No matter how much I heard about motherhood before experiencing it myself I don't think anything could have prepared me for the love I would feel for our little girl. 

Dave made this Mothers Day so sweet. He had a few gifts picked out, we got to go on a long walk, and he also took some time to write out his experience of becoming a dad and his thoughts about Tillie. Reading them made me pretty emotional and grateful for a good husband.

In our church today the men took over all of the responsibilities so that all the women could meet together. I came in late to the meeting because I was feeding Tillie, but just walking in that room I could feel so much strength and love. It hit me how much these women have taught me in the two years we've lived here. I've learned faith and endurance from the sweet lady I visit for church. Courage and determination from my companion. Selflessness and sisterhood from our Relief Society President. Patience, humility and humor from so many of the young moms. 

I've learned so much from the other mothers close to me as well. I'm learning to talk and think less about myself, to be more stable and loving, and to be more grateful. I'm learning that I need to laugh more and worry so much less. I'm learning what it means to give. I'm also learning how far I have to go. I'm hopefully learning what it means to truly love. 

 My sweet mother

 My sister. One of the best mothers I know. 

My sweet mother-in-law (how cute are those boys!)

Today I found something I wrote in the hospital after having Tillie:
"May 3, 2012. I'm just sitting here in the hospital with you wrapped up looking around in the bassinet next to me. It is hard to explain the gratitude I feel to be your mother. To me you are perfect, and I'm overwhelmed that I get to be your mother. It hasn't even been 24 hours since you came into my life and already I would do anything for you."

It's only grown since then.


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy Mother's Day! Isn't this motherhood thing amazing?

  2. What a sweet post my sister. You're way too kind...I have so far to go! But that you think that about me means so much!! Can't wait until we're mothers who live next door!!!!!! You are already so amazing and you are only on your first baby! Think how much more amazing you'll be when you have three!

  3. so sweet! Happy belated mother's day! You too are a great mom dear. Love the pictures. What a special mother tillie has. whew!

  4. So tender! Thanks for sharing.


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