One Month

I can't believe my sweet girl is a month old (for you of those who have done this before you know how it is, some days it feels like it's been much longer, and some days I just wish time would slow down!). Without question I can say that it just keeps getting better. For neither of us having done this before it's so nice to feel like we're getting into more of a rhythm.

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing what she needs and meeting those needs before she starts getting frantic (of course I don't always do that, but you know getting it right every once in a while feels good!). 

The first month is probably not filled with as many milestones as the next few will be, but the few changes we've seen have been so fun. She's definitely starting to gain weight (she will have her 1 month appointment on Friday so as yet we're not sure just how much) and her little legs are starting to chunk up. Her eyes have lightened and have more of a bluish hue (at birth they were really dark and had a brown feel). Her hair is as crazy and long as when she was born, but like we suspected is started to grow in blond. In some parts it looks like she needs to get her roots touched up :) 

Just the past week she has started to interact more, and is able to follow objects with her eyes. My favorite part of the day is after she eats and has her "wake time" (babywise term--thanks to Jes for recommending it-it's honestly been a lifesaver!). It is crazy how much she already smiles and coo's and I just soak in every minute. 

Other things I love that Tillie's started to do:

- She loves to kick when she's on her back and when she starts she smiles like she is surprised that she can do it. 
-Though this isn't something new I love to watch her stretch her little arms after she wakes up from a nap-she looks so content and I think she's stretching every little muscle she has.
-She loves to mimic Dad sticking his tongue out and in. I think he's conditioned her as she does it almost automatically now when she sees him.
-She is a little grunter! Especially when she's getting ready to eat (I'll take it  over crying to let me know she's hungry!) 
-She's started to snuggle her head next to mine when I'm burping her and loves when I rub her hair when she's feeding.
We sure love this little girl, and though I want to freeze time I'm also excited to see all the changes in the next month. 


  1. Little Tillie got all the hair that my kids didn't!!!!!! Little Dolly face!

  2. I just found your blog from Shelley's... so fun to see pictures of her (but it was more fun to see her in real life yeseterday!!) LOVE the month blocks. Such a cute idea!!

  3. How in the world is she already 1 month!? Doesn't the time just go by way too fast, it's so exciting to see them grow, and at the same time you never want these precious moments to end. Lizzy, she is absolutely beautiful!! I love that we are going through this together. Please keep these pictures coming!

  4. Tillie is absolutely adorable! Congrats to you sounds like you are just loving being a mom. Isn't it the best?! So happy for you...


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