First Trip for Miss Tillie

My little one earned her wings this week. 

At only 7 weeks she was a trooper to fly to the other side of the country to meet more family than we could have hoped for in one trip.

While Dad was here for the week,

This little angel and I flew to the west coast first stopping in Las Vegas to see some of Dave's family, and then on to St. George to hang with the Hendersons. We found out just shortly before our trip that my dad was going to be released as Stake President and so decided that all of us would fly in (my brother Mike being the last as a surprise to my dad) to support him on a really special weekend.

The first stop was meeting her sweet Great-Grandma Haycock. What a wonderful woman.
 I wish we lived closer so she could see Tillie Rose every day, and Tillie Rose could get to know her better. 

 Suz, Claire and Niels, first cousins and aunts and uncles!

Jes and the crew stopped on their way from AZ to pick us up. So sweet to have my sister meet my baby...

 knowing how much I love her little one.

How I miss spending time with my siblings

Meeting her Henderson uncles

 Getting ready with Aunt Sarah

 More cousin love

 Grandma knows how to throw a party, 

and give a good bath,

and of course mandatory cuddling.

 Tillie still wasn't sleeping through the night (not a surprise at 7 weeks) but a 5:30 wake up to see this face is a pleasure

 Happy with Uncle Taylor, 

 and of course Aunt Sarah.

It seems with most Henderson get-togethers we fit golf and swimming somewhere in the mix

 and we were lucky enough to get to tag along

Great grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Rollie also came down for the weekend, and Tillie loved every minute.
All smiles for Granny Phyllis

 If she ends up with blue eyes it will probably be because of her Great-Grandpa Rollie

After my Dad was released we tried to do a little something for him and my mom, with a little tree and engraved rock as a memory for 10 special years.

How lucky we are living in Connecticut to get to fit in such a special weekend with so much family in the same place at once. They will all impact Tillie more than she or they will likely every know.
Not a bad way to earn your wings my little Tillie.

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