First Outing

After a week of staying indoors Tillie Rose and I decided it was time to get out (and we really should have sooner).  It only made sense that we head over to Tilley Pond Park.

Unlike the past two winters the weather has been incredible and it was exactly what I needed. Since then we've been outside everyday and have loved watching spring unfold. 

(As you can tell from the pictures I'm now on Instagram @lizzyjensen_, I'd love to connect there!


  1. I remember going outside for the first time after Dougie was was heaven. Spring babies are so fun. I know you are just soaking up every moment.

  2. She looks so tiny in that picture! It's amazing how fast they grow. The Daddy-daughter pictures are precious, absolutely precious! She'll love those when she gets older.

  3. Love the beautiful spring picture of your Tilley Pond Park! LOVE LOVE LOVE that your first daughter's name is tied to the birth place of you and Dave. So happy the Spring is coming!


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