I love Easter for so many reasons. First and foremost I love that we get a chance to celebrate the Savior's sacrifice, and that we do so with all of Christianity. It is such a special time to be able to reflect and ponder on what is the most important thing that ever has and ever will happen.

I love that it seems like the whole earth is celebrating too! I love to see nature come alive, especially after the New England winters. There is nothing quite like the blossoms after a long winter (though I really can't complain after such a mild winter here in Connecticut). 

The blossoms outside our bedroom window
This year was especially meaningful to me as I got to bring Tillie to church for the first time, and reflect on how grateful I am for the newness of life in our own family. The blessing of eternal families was so much more real to me, and I felt so much gratitude for the Savior's sacrifice that makes it all possible.

Tillie in her Easter dress from Stirling and Ellie
It was fun to get together with a few families for an Easter Egg hunt and Easter dinner, especially because family and cousins are so far away. It made me excited to think about starting traditions with Tillie as she gets older! 

The extent of my Easter decorations-I made a little Easter garland with some fabric I had


  1. That dress!!! Amazing!!!! Beautiful girl

  2. Love to hear from you about life, Tillie and Easter! Miss seeing your face darling!


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