Birth Story

Dave and I want to save the full birth story for Tillie, but here are a few highlights:

11:45 pm, March 1st: Four days until Tillie’s due date. I remember lying down and feeling like everything just seemed in place and peaceful.

1:30 am, March 2nd: I woke up to use the restroom and realized my water had broken. I called the midwives who told me I would need to get to the hospital (I had previously tested positive for group B strep). I then woke Dave up, took a shower, and picked a few things up around the house.

3:30 am:  Dave and I made the quick drive to Norwalk Hospital. We checked in, Dave called some of the family (mostly just the grandparents who we knew wouldn’t mind being woken up so early, and also to let Grandpa Lon and Grandma Carrie know to book their flights to Connecticut!), and were told that while I was only dilated to a 2, I was having regular contractions and wouldn’t need to be induced.

3:30-9:00 am: Walked and walked and walked…contractions were intense but manageable.

9:00 am: Dilated to a 4. We were told that I would now likely progress about an hour a centimeter.

9:00-11:00: Labor got really intense. Started questioning how I could survive six hours of this. Was so grateful Dave was there and a huge support.

11:00:  Dilated to a 9-such a sweet surprise after thinking I had many hours of labor left.

11:00-12:47: Pushed and pushed and pushed.

12:47: After feeling like I didn’t have anything left our sweet Tillie Rose arrived. Dave and I watched and held our breath with hers until we heard her cry and knew that she was really here. Holding her for the first time brought an overpowering love and gratitude I’ve never experienced.

We both are still in awe that she is really here, and in our family for keeps.  


  1. So amazing! So proud of you Lizzy. You did it & have the gorgeous little baby to prove it. You guys are an amazing family of 3!

  2. YES you are AMAZING!! What a great team you are...she is so blessed to be in your family my sister! And HOOOOOORRRRAAAYYYYYY for cousins!!


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