April iPhone Roundup

There is no question that I am taking way to many pictures of my Tillie Rose, but how can you not? 
I wanted to make sure I don't foget these moments, so here are a few pictures of our sweet baby girl in April. 

Can't.get.enough.of.these.smiles. Period.

 Loving everything about this long hair, and how it only goes one direction-straight up.

 I find myself just sitting on the bed taking literally 20 or 30 pictures that anyone else would look through and wonder why I have more than one. 

 Tillie in her sweet dress from Ster and Ellie, also the dress she wore home from the hospital.

 One of Tillie's first little friends, Wes.

 So weird to see this sign again at my 6 week check up and think of all that has changed since the morning I saw this sign!

And huge 6 week milestone-my first run back (kind of a big deal, and not going to lie, barely made it home)

 This is such a Tillie pose-hands waiving excited with a grin. It's like she's just can't believe she's really here (and we can't either).

 Again I feel the need to take 30 pictures, and can hardly choose just 4 to show.

 One of my favorites of the month

 Finally got the mohawk down...and now it's a little gentleman's hairdo (but the bow helps right?)

Love her.

 Cheering daddy on.

I'm such a first time mom but can't bear to miss a moment!

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