One of the sweetest things about being a new mom is seeing Dave as a new dad, and how completely smitten he is with our little girl. I love watching him when he comes home from work--immediately he starts scanning to find Tillie and is so disappointed if she's sleeping. I love what fatherhood has already brought out in him. 

A week after Tillie was born Dave came home from church and I noticed he still had his wrist band on from the hospital. He didn't want to take it off and it wasn't until it fell off a week later that he finally stopped wearing it. She's had him wrapped around her finger from the start.


  1. Beautiful baby, handsome dad and wonderful mother who recognizes that special bond between daddy and daughter!

  2. Isn't it the best! And to think that Dave was ever a tiny bit nervous about having a girl. :) They're so sweet!


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