One of the sweetest things about being a new mom is seeing Dave as a new dad, and how completely smitten he is with our little girl. I love watching him when he comes home from work--immediately he starts scanning to find Tillie and is so disappointed if she's sleeping. I love what fatherhood has already brought out in him. 

A week after Tillie was born Dave came home from church and I noticed he still had his wrist band on from the hospital. He didn't want to take it off and it wasn't until it fell off a week later that he finally stopped wearing it. She's had him wrapped around her finger from the start.

Welcome Tillie Rose

I think I can speak for Dave when I say that you have already brought us more joy in 2 weeks than we may have felt in our whole lifetime. Everything about you is perfect, and I only wish I could freeze time to somehow take in everything--your little features, smiles, smell, and the special feeling that's in our home. 

Everyone said that there is nothing like the love you will feel for your own child. I believed them and was still blown away.

We can't believe you're really and finally here. It's really home now that you're a part of us. 


(Huge thanks to my friend and incredible photographer Jennifer Woodbury)

39 weeks, 4 days and counting!

According to my weekly emails the baby is now the size of a mini-watermelon,

But I think she feels a little bigger than that!
39 weeks
And to say I can't wait to meet her is a huge understatement.
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