Why I love February

Let's just say it how it is, February is the best month. Ok, at least for me! It's always a happy reprieve from winter and I'm able to celebrate both my birthday and Valentines' Day within a week from each other.  

This was such a special one for me. I can't stop thinking about each last that we're celebrating before the big first: the last Christmas alone, the last birthday without a baby, and the last Valentines Day with just the two of us. All that said we were pretty low-key this year, staying in for Valentines Day and eating out for my birthday in the city with Dave and Julie (at our new favorite restaurant Avra). 

 A little cheesy, but as Dave couldn't go out we decided on a low-key night in. Doesn't get better than candlelight and redi-whip. 

Dave's favorite Lemon Ricotta pancakes

Dinner in the city. Just weeks from becoming a family of three!

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