Showered with Love

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of our little girl than with the shower that some wonderful friends threw for me last week. 

Honestly everything was perfect. And left me feeling so much support and love (and more ready for this girl to arrive!) Nothing like delicious food, darling decor, thoughtful gifts, hilarious advice, and my very favorite women. 

There is something special and unique about the support women give and the way they uplift each other, and Connecticut seems to have more than its fair share of amazing women. I feel so blessed to have them a apart of my life, and soon a part of our little girls!

Hostesses: Ashley, Jamie, Colleen, Corinne, (Me), Nicki and Lizzie (I called them the dream team...) 
Another one of the girls, love Louise, and what a perfect hostess.
If you can believe it there were 10 of us pregnant at the shower! Here is the whole crew in order of  due date. 
The spread:

Gifts and Games: 
Friends trying to match which baby picture went with which movie star...with one of  me and Dave mixed in (see below).

Love these ladies: 

Thank you to everyone who came to support, and for the incredible hostesses who put so much work into such a special day for me. I am so grateful that our little girl will be blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible women!

Why I love February

Let's just say it how it is, February is the best month. Ok, at least for me! It's always a happy reprieve from winter and I'm able to celebrate both my birthday and Valentines' Day within a week from each other.  

This was such a special one for me. I can't stop thinking about each last that we're celebrating before the big first: the last Christmas alone, the last birthday without a baby, and the last Valentines Day with just the two of us. All that said we were pretty low-key this year, staying in for Valentines Day and eating out for my birthday in the city with Dave and Julie (at our new favorite restaurant Avra). 

 A little cheesy, but as Dave couldn't go out we decided on a low-key night in. Doesn't get better than candlelight and redi-whip. 

Dave's favorite Lemon Ricotta pancakes

Dinner in the city. Just weeks from becoming a family of three!
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