9 Months

Our little sunshine is 9 months old. I had a friend point out that Tillie has officially now been out of me as long as she was in me. As much as I loved pregnancy, I think I prefer the 9 months out of me.

Unlike every other month, I would not want her to stay at this age forever, unless it meant she could take a break from the teething that has left us all a little sleepless the past few nights (whose idea was it to have her in our room again?!)

 But with a face like that I can't get too frustrated.

 Big changes for 9 months: crawling (!), pulling to her knees (still tentative on the standing), lots of waving, and my favorite is her new "laughing." This is different from the happy giggles we've been loving, but instead it's full-on social laughter, waiting for us to laugh back, or in response to hearing us laughing. We love it, and totally leaves us all giggling together. And on a different note the sweetest thing happened this morning-she cried when daddy left. Melted both of our hearts. Obviously the emotions are developing in this little one.

She's also found a favorite book-Baby Visits the Farm, no surprise as there are animal noises on every page. She hasn't turned down any food we've given her yet and I love watching her focus to pick up little pieces.

One thing she's still not loving is hugs and kisses. Must be a recessive trait, but we'll break her in. 

 9 months out and getting as independent as ever. I'm not sure why but sometimes doing these little write-ups makes me emotional, seeing her grow up and marking each little step. I guess it helps me appreciate the not so fun moments-like the two front teeth that are breaking through just in time for Christmas!

So Much To Be Thankful For

What a Happy Thanksgiving.

I think it probably goes without saying, but this Thanksgiving I'm most thankful for our little family. Nothing has made me work more, grow more, laugh more, or love more than raising our daughter and being married to Dave. 

 This year we drove up to New Haven with the Terry's to have Thanksgiving with the Allemans. It was fun to have the first Thanksgiving as the "grownups" with Becca hosting her first Turkey dinner. But you would have never known  it was her first- it really may have been one of the best turkey's I've ever had. 

Baby T's 1st Thanksgiving. Darling Great-Grandma Nola sent the cute bib.

 Tillie eating turkey for the 1st time

 The hostess with the mostess (how we never got a shot of Matt is beyond me, or the two cute boys and new baby for that matter)

 Gravy made with onions cooked three ways. Totally worth it's own picture.

Sarah and Becca

 Sarah was little T's second mom the whole week

  Always a wave and a smile

Happy Thanksgiving!

Going, Going, Gone...

So yesterday while Dave was on Long Island with our ward doing disaster cleanup, Tillie decided she better do something big too, and went ahead and crawled. We both couldn't wait to show Daddy her new trick.

A little frame by frame breakdown.

I know this is a game changer, but I'm actually relieved she's more mobile. She was so ready and would get so frustrated when she couldn't move. 
It's funny how to her it was all so normal, all the while Dave and I were cheering her on and I was obviously taking a few too many pictures. Guess we're kind of proud parents.

Growing Up

My baby has definitely outgrown the bassinet. 
I know, I know, she's 8 months, its past time, and I shouldn't be surprised.

On Saturday I heard her wake up, and when I walked in her room she was sitting straight up. Not safe. So this was the big weekend, and Tillie officially slept her first night in a crib last night (after a lot of tossing and turning and trying to get used to her spacious new accommodations). 

 Sweet thing touched end to end. This picture makes it look really bad, but honestly she slept amazing in this thing-went right down and didn't wake up at night.

No she couldn't really stand up like this without my help (and can you believe the picture in the back is her little head of dark hair as a newborn?!)

First night in her crib. 

I know its a little silly first time mom of me, but it still makes me emotional to look at this picture.
Please stop growing up baby.


What an anticlimactic first Halloween for little T. as we were stuck inside due to Hurricane Sandy
Luckily we had a little trick or treating planned the weekend before with some friends, and so we got a chance to dress Tillie up and take a quick picture. 

 Our little pumpkin.

No pictures with the cute hood on, but this will have to do.

 Halloween card from Grandma Nola (how sweet is it to send a Halloween card?) 

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I had such passion for the election. Ok probably not, but isn't this a pretty decent resemblance?

 He's much more a ringer for Mitt than I for Ann, but at least when I was with him people knew who I was supposed to be. 

Tried to make the most of this first Halloween for little T, and I'm just happy I don't have to worry about her wanting all that candy for at least a few more years right?

Why Oh Why Oh Sandy

What a crazy week. Superstorm Sandy (a.k.a. Frankenstorm) came with a vengeance, and although I thought we had seen some pretty nasty storms (Remember Hurricane Irene?) in the 3+ years we've lived here, Sandy easily beat them out. 

And as it would turn out, my ever-good-with-timing husband missed the whole thing in Columbia. So Miss T. and I had ourselves a week of hunkering down, sleeping over and hanging out.

 We lost power Monday night, and so i decided I better eat our ice-cream before it melted in the freezer. After having a tough time reading in flickering candlelight I went with Little Women on my ipad (how have I never read this?!)

The next day was a lot of this... until  luckily we had some sweet friends invite us over for the next few days-which turned out to be a huge blessing as the weather turned colder. Thank heavens the snow storm waited until this week. 

 This was from the cover of our local newspaper. Seeing trees down was a common scene all over Darien. It was unbelievable to see tree after tree lining the roads, and with them so many power lines. Over 95% of our town was without power for days. (We finally got ours back Saturday...3 hours after Dave came home :)

This tree had almost pulled over two power poles.

Nothing like seeing neighbors and friends pitch in to help where they could.

  My little buddy

Emergency Preparedness Tip: it is true that food, water and gas all go by quickly when there is a huge storm followed by panic. Do yourself a favor and take it seriously. Never hurts to be prepared.

Grateful to friends and family for prayers, warm places to stay, and that we were safe and sound. Our hearts go out to those who had it much worse last week!
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