Christmas in D.C.

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas with some of Dave's family that lives just outside of D.C. this year. I feel like this family has quickly become my own-and am grateful that they have been so quick to welcome us as a part of the family. I really can't say how much I love all of  them. Every time I leave I am inspired by the way the keep their priorities straight-putting family and God first, all the while mixing in a lot of humor and love. I hope our family can be like them as we grow. 

I love having a big group around the table for Christmas dinner

 Aren't these ladies darling? 

 The two that started it all-and are worthy of emulation in every way

 Grandma Ellie's always so festive in her Holiday attire

 I think the world of these 4 guys (including the one on the piano). I'm hoping that somehow my sister Sarah runs into them a few years down the road...

Present from Ellie-"happy feet" toe separator funny 

 Traditional Christmas Eve dinner at their home-Bircher Muesli. Everyone has to add something to the pot-berries, nuts, milk, honey, fun memory of some of Sterling and Ellie's first Christmases. 

I still can't believe that next Christmas we will have a little girl, and that the years of our single Christmases are over. I can't wait to start our own traditions, make memories, and try to create as strong of a family culture like this family has.

Mother-in-law trippin'

You'd never know my mother-in-law is currently living in Germany with how much we get to see her. We're lucky that Connecticut is an easy stop when she's flying to the west coast. (Now if only Dave and Dave were more flexible so they could join us on all of our outings). 

There is something magic about the holidays on the East Coast. You pretty much can go in any direction from our house and find something worth visiting. So we went in two different directions and hit Newport, Rhode Island, and Manhattan.  

Loving these gates

  Inside the Rhode Island mansions

Great stop for fresh clam chowder right on the Newport Harbor

Later hitting up NYC with the fashionable Julie. We made a day of it hitting the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the Columbus Circle outdoor market,  and the Christmas windows.

But who knew she'd match the 5th avenue windows? (and is it just me or were they not very Christmas-y this year?)

Grateful to have amazing things to do, and a wonderful M.I.L. to trip with.


So this was one of those times when I felt like we're growing up. Like I felt like my a good way. We rented a cabin, planned meals and cooked them together, brought kids (or a kid), 3 of the 4 were expecting, and we had a fabulous time. 

Other highlights included ice cream in the very quirky town, walking through a couple darling boutiques, playing pass the parcel, cutest little girl, amazing food. Great time had all.

the gals

 the guys

 the girls did a lot of this

and the guys did a lot of this.

Pretty sure we all want to do a lot more things like this.
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