Giving Thanks

Isn't it special that we have a national holiday just to celebrate being thankful?

I am thankful. 

Thankful for my life. For finishing my education. For being able to live in Connecticut. For a husband that works so hard, makes me laugh, and is a joy to live with. For a family that has set such a great pattern of how to love. For being able to be pregnant and get to raise a little girl someday. For the knowledge that families are forever. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

As a disclaimer to these pictures, we have strange holidays around Thanksgiving and do things like roll rocks and shoot guns. And the funniest thing is, I only got pictures of this and not even of our Thanksgiving dinner. Looks like I fit right in.

 Lots of candid shots

 Reading the disclaimer for gun shooting

 Yes, even my 95 year old Grandpa shot the guns. A real WWII hero.

 So tough

 The gun show

 Uncle time

Caramel apple competition

I love these kids.

 We always end our Thanksgiving with family pictures. 

Thankful for this last Thanksgiving with just the two of us, and the many more Thanksgivings to come with our new little family.

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