Sisters, Sisters

There really wasn't ever such a devoted sister. Case in point, a visit all the way from Arizona to see us, bringing out her cutest 3 month old. 

This little guy is such a happy baby and made me so excited to meet my own. 

Seriously look at that face!

 Jes danced with Corinne at BYU and so it was fun for them to meet up with their babies

 I can't help but laughing when I see this picture. For so many reasons. We had the brilliant idea to head to the city despite the pouring rain. So in we headed with baby, stroller, pack n' play, umbrellas, etc. Needless to say we got soaked as we schlepped around the city. But was it worth it? Of course. 

We made the best of a rainy day by browsing a huge bookstore, eating the best mac n' cheese, and then thanks to a good friend watching the baby we caught one of my favorite shows on Broadway.


Couldn't help loving on this little guy, and so special to be able to pick apart the brain of one of the best mother's I know.

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