Sisters, Sisters

There really wasn't ever such a devoted sister. Case in point, a visit all the way from Arizona to see us, bringing out her cutest 3 month old. 

This little guy is such a happy baby and made me so excited to meet my own. 

Seriously look at that face!

 Jes danced with Corinne at BYU and so it was fun for them to meet up with their babies

 I can't help but laughing when I see this picture. For so many reasons. We had the brilliant idea to head to the city despite the pouring rain. So in we headed with baby, stroller, pack n' play, umbrellas, etc. Needless to say we got soaked as we schlepped around the city. But was it worth it? Of course. 

We made the best of a rainy day by browsing a huge bookstore, eating the best mac n' cheese, and then thanks to a good friend watching the baby we caught one of my favorite shows on Broadway.


Couldn't help loving on this little guy, and so special to be able to pick apart the brain of one of the best mother's I know.

Lake Powell

I can't think of a better way to celebrate finishing the bar (and possibly one of the tougher months of my life) then by spending a week with my family in Lake Powell.

Wednesday night I finished the bar, drove the 3 hours back from Albany, and quickly packed so that I could get some sleep before Dave and I left at 4:45 am to catch a plane from NY to Salt Lake, then from Salt Lake to St. George, followed by a drive down to Lake Powell.

I should back up to at least write about how amazing it felt to finish the bar. Driving back from Albany I felt so much relief and peace. On the drive up to Albany I had listened to lectures on the bar. The first thing I did when I got into my car was to take out the lectures and replace it with music. What a great feeling.

Back to Lake Powell.

There really aren't many places on earth that hold such a special place in my heart as Lake Powell does. I love the water, the sand, the sun, my family, the food, pretty much everything about the place.

Here are some things that we did:

 They played war (if you want to know the rules of this sport message me :)

 They cliff-jumped

(and so did she after a lot of love and coaxing)

She cooked, cleaned, entertained, and even almost won the ladies push-up competition

Thanks to Jesika's coaxing we all had a dance party

They loved hanging with their Grandpa

Big Wayne/Gideon knee boarded (Gabe had a new name every day we were there)

Lon continued to lay it down

Mike taught Dave the fine art of jet skiing

A skill they put to great use (My dad's infamous for spraying people who are trying to enjoy a nice kayaking ride, so when he got on it alone he quickly had 3 jet-skis surround him for revenge)

 I wakeboarded--though I've never been much of a match for my three brothers!

 and even Dave picked it up this year!
These two put it all together

This was taken just as Dave and I arrived. Just looking at this picture brings back the emotions of how happy I was to be done and there. My mom literally has 905 pictures on her picasa album of this trip and I know she wasn't the only one who wanted to create and save every last memory. 

Mystic-al Camping

I don't know if there's a better Labor day combo than camping and Mystic, CT. 

 Unless of course you add to it a little bacon wrapped tinfoil dinner,
 some manly men,

 a little kayak ride, 

Lobster goodness (best place in Mystic-off the main path which means cheaper and fresher...maybe too fresh on the inside!)

some fresh made ice cream, 

sharing names with the best, AND

Announcing your expecting! (We announced that night over dinner, but later found out that 2 of the other girls were too! That explains the coordinated late night bathroom visit...)

We just may just have to go back with our babies next year!

Welcome Baby

Welcome to the world my sweet nephew.
 You were born to two of the best people I know.

You've also got a pretty sweet grandma,

and it's it's so special to see my brother become your dad!

I can't wait to kiss all over your little face, and let you know how much we already love you!
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