Thanksgiving 2010.

We went to St. George—originally it was supposed to be the whole Henderson family affair but turned out to be just the two of us with my parents, Sarah and Taylor because Kurt's mission got extended. It still was a lot of fun, and made us look forward to Christmas with the whole clan.

Some highlights:

Homemade caramel apples…my mom and Sarah perfected the art and then taught us how. My dad put on medals like he won awards for his apples. So funny.


Cutting down our Christmas tree in the Cedar mountains-one of my favorite traditions.

Taylor, Sarah and I. I forgot how awesome this mustache was Tay.

 The snow was so deep this year-up to our waist in some parts. Made carrying the trees back to the trailer a little tricky.

Back from the mountains. I love that you can enjoy the sunshine in St. George but be just an hour from snow.

 The trees always look a little smaller in the wild--we got home and were a little blown away at how big these trees were. Dave officially picked the best tree, and so it got the honorary place in our living room. The other two went to the neighbors.

 Forgot to take pictures during Thanksgiving dinner-cute one of the clean up.

Saying goodbye at the St. George airport--saying goodbye is the worst, but being with family is the best.
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