They came here, then I went there!

My Dad had a board meeting in Connecticut a few weeks back so I got to see my parents here for a few days.

 Eating in Eatily, doesn't our waiter look like...

Mario Batali?

 Lots and lots of pasta.

 I would highly recommend their gelato!

 They say kissing the fish brings good luck?

(My Mom had the camera all night which means a lot of single pictures of me, and only one picture of them.)

Then since Dave had meetings in Utah that weekend I flew back with my parents to Utah and surprised Sarah. It is weird that I can remember when she was born, and vividly remember my excitement in finally getting a little sister. The age gap feels so much less now, and I love hanging with my little sister!

Love this girl, and couldn't be prouder of her. 

 Trying to look like she's taller than me :)

 Finally taller, a little help from the tip-toes.

While the boys golfed, the girls went to Thanksgiving Point. It just happened to be the weekend of the Utah Pumpkin Growing Competition and the Thanksgiving Point Harvest Festival.

Mom posing with one of the pumpkin growers.

 The line of pumpkins waiting to be weighed.

Loved this prize-winning T-shirt.

 Utah apples, 

Utah crafts,  

and Utah girls with Utah pumpkins.

I could handle this schedule every weekend. It would sure making living away from family a lot more bearable.

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  1. What beautiful sisters!! And what a fun time! If only we could all do fun things like that more often...someday? HOPEFULLY!!


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