Summer Memories

A few summer memories that I don't want to forget, but which somehow never made their own post. As the air gets cold and it's getting darker earlier it is fun to give a last nod to summer.

Beach day with Lizzie and Taylor at the Greenwich Island Beach, which is literally an Island.
This picture was taken on the ferry ride over.

 Overlooking the bow, the island beach in sight!

Incredible estates (why not have a  pool house right on the beach?!)

Not a good picture, but the only shot I had of the beach.

 Visit from Aunt Caroline as she was on her way back from a summer class . She's a woman of my own heart as she was a practicing attorney for decades, retired, and is now studying something to feed her creative side.  She, Sara and I went to Little Thai Kitchen in Darien. 
Their mango sticky rice is a little bit of heaven.

Nicki's bridal shower (so glad she married McKay, because that means she's staying out here!)  which was hosted by cute April in this beautiful home. The whole shower was darling. 
I had to take a picture of this kitchen with this gorgeous blue stove! 

 We started off the shower with a fancy lunch in this room.   

These walls deserved another picture. 
Blue has always been my favorite color, but this shade with the gold trim was breathtaking!

 Next Colbie Caillat in Bridgeport.

Jamie, Lizzie, and I.

Concert take two, Usher in Central Park for Good Morning America.

 Sara wanted to dress up, we settled for crazy make-up.

 Sara did the make-up on the train ride in to the City. It was 6:00 am. 
Dave thinks we look like we were trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

Breakfast after at Norma's. 

The Jensen clan at the Yankees. Big celebration for Sara's birthday. 

I love summertime and this guy.


  1. I am kind of jealous you saw Usher. Haha.

  2. Lizzy, you are so beautiful.

    It looks like you have so great friends, too :) It's so wonderful to have friends to celebrate life with!


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