Gourmet Girls

Sara and I decided to start a Gourmet Girls club a few months back. She's started a few of these clubs in the various places she's lived (Vegas, L.A.) and as she was telling me about it, we both got so excited to start one out here! The group gets together once a month and throws a themed gourmet party with invites, decorations, favors, menu.

Sara and I hosted the first dinner at her apartment out on her rooftop. The weather was beautiful-which was no small miracle as it was the only day of that entire week that wasn't pouring! The dinner's theme was a  vintage back to school, and we did a play on traditional kid foods-like pb&j, grilled cheese, juice boxes, pudding cups- to create a gourmet menu. 

My job was primarily the decorations-so I got to create everything from the save the date down to the favors, and Sara was the genius behind the menu. I thought I'd post a few pictures here, but you can see more pictures, and the full recipes on the blog. Sara did such a great job with the food, and it was so fun to create the whole night with her. 

The invite

The welcome table we set just outside Sara's door, complete with name tags.

We had lunch trays for each of the girls, with an apple and wrapped plastic silverware, and laid out the menus on the trays right before the girls came down. We took this picture earlier in the day, but at the time of the actual party the sun had set and the candles were lit. 

One of the the centerpieces.

Sara's rooftop created the perfect ambiance 

The fun twist on pb&j, the full menu and recipes can be found here.

 We started with appetizers in Sara's apartment. 

 The centerpieces for the appetizer table 

 This almond pesto was seriously so good. 

The "bologna" sandwiches (muffaletta), and the
 "grilled cheese" (caramelized onions, Brie, and green apples).

 "Fruit Snacks" and a picture of the food labels

Lots of fun girls.

Not a great picture of the favors--the tag said "a little something for the bus right home.

Quick picture with Sara at the end of the night.
I'm so excited what all the other girls come up with, and to look forward to a much needed creative outlet every month!


  1. If you ever get any openings in the group let me know. That sounds absolutely amazing! So darling!

  2. Glad you got good pictures! The decorations were awesome! The ruler and pencil vases turned out great! Nice work sis!

  3. Wowzers you girls are the big time. I love it and am jealous

  4. Seriously Lizzy, that sounds so fun! I love that you did this.... and I really miss you just so you know!

  5. Amazing, seriously. I love every detail! Looks like a fun group too.

  6. Oh my heavens. That was the prettiest back to school lunch I've ever seen! So darling.

  7. How fun and creative is your group of friends ... love everything!!

  8. I look forward to this every month. Thanks for starting it.

  9. wow - how fun. It's like bunko - but not. haha. just kidding but I have always wanted to do something like this! maybe we'll have to copy!!! ? can we? thanks for sharing all the pics and ideas!

  10. You are a regular Martha Stewart. So creative!


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