Dave & Julie

I love family. There is nothing better for me than to anticipate going to see family, or anticipate family coming out to see us in Connecticut. This made for an incredible August because of visits from  Aunt Carolyn, Dave & Julie, my sweet Mom, and then to top it off, to have family move out here close to us! Dave's brother Ben and his wife Sara have now moved very close to us in Connecticut, and it has been so fun to get to know them and feel like I really have a sister out here! (they'll be much more about this later I'm sure...)

Visit from Dave and Julie
After we flew back from Aspen Grove, Dave and Julie came through New York on their layover back to Germany. It was an extra fun trip because of Ben and Sara being out here, and the 6 of us made the best of the 3 days we all had together. Dave and Julie are so great to have around--I feel lucky to have some great in-laws. 
First stop was Costco, possibly a favorite for all of us, but also a must when you've got a group of 6 to feed!

Next we hit the City, rushing to the Lion King. Loved the costuming and that I can still remember most of the lyrics 

With the Mufasa mask

Julie giving the double backscratch while the boys were dialed into the cheesecake at Jr's'  next to the Minskoff Theater. 

Dave, Ben and Dave with the good stuff

Saturday we hit up Pear Tree Point beach in Darien,

and the art fair in SoNo,

which led us to Match, in SoNo. Seriously incredible food.

(I think this was Julie's 10th picture trying to get Ben and Dave to smile)
Now that there are four of us from the Jensen clan out in Connecticut, we hope Dave and Julie can make this stopover a regular one! :) 


  1. How fun!! Hmmmmm...we really should plan to have our husbands work in the SAME city (I'd even go for the same state!) someday!! You look beautiful as always my sister. And I love the beach picture with everyone in their sunglasses :)

  2. Hi Lizzy!

    I just found your blog... how fun... I love finding new blogs!! What fun pictures! You are darling!! We LOVE the East coast. We have family in Boston and Curtis (my husband) served his mission in Connecticut. Good luck with school!


  3. Hey Lizzy,
    I saw that you guys went to the Pear Tree Point beach. I used to live just down the street from that beach when I was a nanny in Darien. Hope you enjoy Connecticut. -Rachel Forbes Coleman


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