Carrie Jean, that's my mom

I have to admit, I almost can't write this post because I get a little emotional! It's funny what moving across the country from your mom--and then having her visit-- will do to you.

So my mom came out to visit for a few days before school started for me. Our goals was to fit in as much of everything as possible--eating, seeing, talking...well everything but sleeping that is. We tried to do as little of that as possible.

Funny enough, one of my favorite parts of my mom's trip out here was taking the train together into New York. Not that I haven't done that plenty since moving out here, but perhaps because I have done it so many times by myself it felt so nice to have her with me.

Walking to Central Park (one of my favorite things in the City by far) and came across this big Dior "bag" which was really masking the construction in front of their store-brilliant.

Enjoying the park, and just being to talk and talk and talk. The weather was absolutely beautiful!

Walked around to the Shake Shack. Since my dad is a vegetarian and my mom usually is as well for him, it's been a long time since she's enjoyed a good burger. We both enjoyed one here!

The natural history museum gem collection

What a gem. These pictures remind me of how hard we were laughing doing these ridiculous poses. How awesome is it to have a mom that can be a best friend. 

Dinner at Max Brenner's-lots of chocolate (just like my mom likes it) molten lava cake is muy bueno.

Felt so lucky to get to go to Wicked with my mom, and we both loved it!

I think it was even better the 2nd time around as I was more familiar with the music

Just before the show

The next day we went to a cooking class in lower Manhattan. My favorite thing in NY to date, and so fun for some good mother/daughter bonding. 

Our instructor, Richard

On the way we ran into the Limelight Marketplace

The building was a church that has been converted it into an indoor market. The architecture is incredible, and the stained glass windows were gorgeous. The fact that a church was converted to a total commercial center was a little sad for me, but it was beautifully done. 

They have a gelato bar inside (blood orange was delish)

as well as little dessert boutiques and stands. This place is worth a visit. 

Thanks for "popping" in Mom. :)

All the pictures capture just a few things to spark my memory later, but what can't be captured in film is the blessing it is to have such a great woman to learn from and counsel with. I'm so grateful we have a great relationship, that I can trust her with anything, that I have a stalwart example that helps me stay grounded and focused on what is most important. I couldn't as for a better woman to teach me by her example-of selflessness and sacrifice, and what makes me really happy. Every time I'm with her I feel so indebted-and wonder how I'll ever measure up! Love you mom!

Dave & Julie

I love family. There is nothing better for me than to anticipate going to see family, or anticipate family coming out to see us in Connecticut. This made for an incredible August because of visits from  Aunt Carolyn, Dave & Julie, my sweet Mom, and then to top it off, to have family move out here close to us! Dave's brother Ben and his wife Sara have now moved very close to us in Connecticut, and it has been so fun to get to know them and feel like I really have a sister out here! (they'll be much more about this later I'm sure...)

Visit from Dave and Julie
After we flew back from Aspen Grove, Dave and Julie came through New York on their layover back to Germany. It was an extra fun trip because of Ben and Sara being out here, and the 6 of us made the best of the 3 days we all had together. Dave and Julie are so great to have around--I feel lucky to have some great in-laws. 
First stop was Costco, possibly a favorite for all of us, but also a must when you've got a group of 6 to feed!

Next we hit the City, rushing to the Lion King. Loved the costuming and that I can still remember most of the lyrics 

With the Mufasa mask

Julie giving the double backscratch while the boys were dialed into the cheesecake at Jr's'  next to the Minskoff Theater. 

Dave, Ben and Dave with the good stuff

Saturday we hit up Pear Tree Point beach in Darien,

and the art fair in SoNo,

which led us to Match, in SoNo. Seriously incredible food.

(I think this was Julie's 10th picture trying to get Ben and Dave to smile)
Now that there are four of us from the Jensen clan out in Connecticut, we hope Dave and Julie can make this stopover a regular one! :) 
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