August has come and is going so fast that I am already missing it. We've seen more family than I could have hoped for, and though my heart aches every time we have to say goodbye, I feel so lucky that we've seen so many when we're so far away.

Aspen Grove:
Dave and I went to Aspen grove with his side of the family. I haven't been to Aspen Grove since I was a little girl, but Dave's family has gone over 10 times! What's been a fun tradition for them became a great opportunity for me to get to know my new family better. It's crazy to think that I had only met most of them once or twice (including the wedding) before this trip. I love this family.

Part of the group at the Aspen Grove amphitheater.

After church group shot.

Some of my new nieces and nephews.
Though I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, I'll give some highlights:
-Meeting little Finn Terry for the first time. He is one of the cutest, most energetic and wiry little guys I've ever met. 
-Hiking Mt. Timpanogos. I've always wanted to hike Mt. Timp but never did while I was at BYU. We even slid down the infamous glacier. Dave left a note at the top for his buddy Mike to find a few weeks later. 
-Matching with all the family members in our blue shirts with Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) off Dumb and Dumber on the front with the caption "Jensen/Colton Family Reunion a little place called Aspen."
-Sneaking away with Ryan, Sarah, Brooke and Dave to watch the late night showing of Inception. Loved it.
-Learning a lot from some incredible mothers.
-Playing volleyball, racquetball, badminton, rappelled...
-Fireside from Elder Holland (who was there with his family that week) about the love of our Savior. I love Elder Holland and felt such an incredible love as He spoke, and so grateful that he was there that week. 

Of course the biggest highlight is being able to spend time with family. Luckily I got to see more of them throughout the rest of August. 

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  1. How fun!! And you look so cute in a hat sis. Miss you!!


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