Mother of Three

Fourth of July/Henderson Family reunion pictures are a little late, but you can blame that on me being a stand-in mother of three for the past few days. It probably wasn't the best idea as I have finals coming up in a week, but updating my blog isn't either :) I'll make it quick.
I few things I learned playing mom:
-Family prayers are so much more fun and funny when little kids take turns saying them
-I'm going to have to learn portion control if I'm going to make 3 full meals + 3 snacks a day
-Dave is so fun with kids (while at the beach the little girl asked where Dave was and said, "it would be a lot more fun if he came." I asked if I was boring and she said, "you're just grown up."  Translation-yes you are boring. I'm going to blame that on law school, but will definitely work on it)
-Dave can do a robot impression that entertains for an entire mealtime, gets kids to eat their greens, and makes them laugh through the whole thing
-I love gas stove tops
-Giggling, coloring, reading, and even cleaning are so much more fun than writing research papers

I could go on but for the sake of my finals will move on to the 1st Annual Henderson Reunion

Grandpa Ralph (on the left) and his twin brother Boyd. Both were honored at the Freedom Festival and got standing ovations for their speeches at the gala. I love my grandpa. He was so proud to be there in his uniform. At 92 every moment I get with him is a bonus and a blessing. 

Dave and I with my beautiful sister and her husband at the Freedom Festival Gala. As I heard the inspiring stories of those receiving awards at the Gala I was so inspired and uplifted by stories of those who hold freedom and family as the highest priorities. 

Hiking Stewart Falls, sweet pose Dave

Pure Awesomeness

Dancing to the music before the Stadium of Fire. 
I love this girl and hate that we live so far away!!

My parents. They put together such an incredible weekend. 
Dave and I both came away so grateful for parents who put family first. 

All of us at the cabin in Sundance. We put together a skit thanking my parents, and wore these sweet shirts to coordinate :) 

I love America!


  1. It's good for mothers like me to read those things you learned :) Our latest trick to get the kids to "eat their greens" is to cheer as they take each bite...Gabe's favorite is the "woo woo woo woo" that accompanies the cheer. We almost can't do dinner without the cheering :) I wish I could see Dave's robot! I miss you sister!!

  2. I need to see the robot. My little people are still talking about it. Especially the "smack yourself in the face" part.
    You guys rock. Good luck on finals.

  3. You are going to be such a great mother some day. Isn't it so great to have a husband who can make kids laugh? Justin is "the fun one" in our family, too.

  4. Lizzy...I am sure you make a wonderful mother of three : I love your family! You are all the cutest. (love Jessica's comment about feeding her cute kids) I am so glad i got to see you while you were here!

    Thanks for the well wishes, we are currently one week overdue and hoping he comes soon. The waiting is killer!

  5. Lizzie...I am so happy that I found your site! I don't surf around very much - so this is a treat! I love your blog! Mostly I love you and your cute/fun family! You are so gorgeous. Looks and sounds like you are doing great! :)

  6. Lizzy it is I that am so happy to have now found your blog!! Can I just tell you how much I think about you and miss you!! I am So happy that I can now stay updated with you. Just know I love you. And I agree with Hillary, you are looking quite beautiful! Hopefully I will get to see you soon:)

  7. I know the 4th of July celebration was mostly with your immediate family and all, but I'm sure glad I got to see you and visit with you for a while. That was a real treat. I love your family so much and I love being with you. Your Grandpa Ralph made me cry at the Stadium of Fire when he was singing with all his might to the American songs. I was deeply touched. I'm so grateful for our troops and soldiers. Love you!


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