Heading to Aspen...

Five hour layover in Long Beach (I know, I know, the fastest way from CT to UT isn't through CA)
So we took the city bus to the mall
To see the end of Eclipse (the power turned off with 30 minutes left when we went a few weeks back)
And get Costco samples and a hot dog
Now we're off to be with Dave's family in Aspen (I mean Aspen Grove)
Can't wait to get to know them better.

Hopefully the humidity clears in CT and my paper gets written while I'm gone.
You can cross your fingers for me :)


  1. Have such a blast sister! Can't wait to hear about it!!

  2. Kristin and I will be in Aspen in a couple weeks....I told Dave to leave us a little momento to find...enjoy!

  3. hey lizzy! so fun to have come across your blog. Maybe now we can keep in touch :)
    enjoy the rest of your summer!


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