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A few fun things:

Dave and I at the Saw Doctors in concert at the Fillmore (what used to be Irving Plaza) in New York. I love Dave's big grin in this picture. Though neither of us had heard of the Saw Doctors before this concert, when we were offered  free dinner and tickets we took it. It ended up being so much fun, even despite both of our ears ringing for the next few days. 

Ran the New York women's mini 10 with Patricia and Lizzie (still not sure why they call it a mini 10k because it is the regular distance). It was a misty morning and perfect weather for the race. The course started at Columbus Circle and it was so inspiring to line up with thousands of women to run through Central Park. There were some Olympic athletes there (I even passed one on the course...though I should mention that she was pregnant :) The actual course ran around the perimeter of Central Park which made it a lot of fun.
As I was leaving the house that morning to drive down with Patricia, Dave asked what time I was aiming for and sweetly suggested that if I was going to do a race I should actually race not just run it. So after hearing that Patricia was running 7 minute-miles I thought I might as well too (mind that I usually run 8:30 to 9:00 miles). Not the best of ideas, and after reaching mile 4 at a 7 minute mile pace dry heaving I slowed it down a little bit. I ended up with about 7:30 minute miles on average and felt great about it.
I think Dave was proud, and decided he wouldn't tell me to race next time. :)

I love this picture, thanks Lizzie for sharing!

After the race we went with Lizzie and her husband J.T. to the BBQ festival held in Madison Park, where the best barbecue'rs (what is the real word for that?) from around the U.S. come and show off their mad barbecuing skills. It was delicious but due to the nausea from the race I could hardly stomach anything which was pretty disappointing! Dave enjoyed it for the two of us, and even got to enjoy a shake shack concrete after. I was too sick to be jealous, but am definitely going to give it another try next year.

Summa time

The summer is here!
The CFA is over (we'll find out the results in a few months), flights are booked for the family reunions in Utah (that was plural for two in July :), summer wish list is started (so much to explore on the east coast). 
Celebrating with strawberry-rhubarb crumble and whipped cream.

image via truffle girls
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