I am so lucky to have had some great visitors this past month, Krista and Emily (both of which are like sisters to me!). Krista and her husband Zach wanted to take a trip together before their baby boy comes in July, and I felt lucky to get to spend a couple days with them while they were out here. (Thanks Krista for the pictures!) Emily came up from D.C. for a quick Memorial weekend trip and though we spent most of the time at the beach, we also spent a little time in New York as well.

Krista and I at Pear Tree Point beach in Darien

Dave making me laugh, trying to do prom poses

Though he's still being funny here, I love this one

Times Square with Krista 

Trying to mimic the Bergdorf Goodman window display, I am eerily accurate

Emily in Times Square (Memorial Day weekend is "Fleet Week" in NYC)

I'm always amazed at how true friendships seem to pick right up without skipping a beat. (It's a good thing as we live so far from so many great friends.) I wish we could have visitors every weekend, and though for now we only have a blow-up bed to offer, our house is always open!


  1. We loved that picture of you guys as well! We are so glad we were able to come, thanks for showing us such a great time!

    And I agree about picking up right where we left off :) That makes me happy!

  2. I love when friends or family comes to visit. Its so much fun to explore with them.

  3. I love the prom poses! You look so happy you're glowing! It must be so great living in a place where people want to come visit you. But, they are probably visiting you because they love you, not because of where you live :) I'm happy you had so much fun - friends are wonderful!

  4. Y'all are adorable, just sayin'. Also, we were in the City on Monday... and I totally wanted to to take a pic with all the sailors! I didn't want to embarrass hubbie though. :-) Anyway, you're an awesome mannequin ;-) <3ya!


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