end the semester=begin living

Boy does it feel good to finish a semester. I told my mom that I would guess that the feeling of finishing a law school semester is similar to what it feels like to be let out of jail (over dramatic?). She said she would go more with the feeling of finishing labor. Too bad I don't have a cute baby to show for it.

However, I did decide to do a little something to celebrate, like finally spending a day just enjoying New York, and (thanks to my parents flying me home) surprising Taylor and Sarah and going to St. George for the first time since our wedding!

Some highlights of NY:
-Central Park. I've never walked around the entire Central Park, and it was the perfect day to do it. Went with my friend Kristin and it was ideal for girl talk and walk.
-The Met. Favorite exhibits were the incredible stained glass window, armor room, and musical instruments.
-Union Park. Fresh apple cider donuts, lots of people buying fresh produce, homemade raspberry jam...enough said.
-Impromptu Facial at Saks Fifth Avenue. Found a free coupon for facials on a random NY website. Great way to end the day.

Highlights of St. George:
-The pickup. My mom planned on picking me up from the Las Vegas Airport, but to surprise my brother Taylor she told him that they would be picking up a client for my dad. She printed up a sign with my dad's company for Taylor to hold at the bottom of the escalator. I was dying laughing by the time he saw me, and his face was priceless.
-Mom time. How I miss spending time with my mom! We can talk for hours, and still feel like we haven't covered half of what we want to talk about. She has an incredible way of making me feel like I am enough, while at the same time inspiring me to be better.
-Quick Salt Lake trip. We decided to meet my brother Mike and his cute wife Rachel for lunch and spend a few hours with my Grandpa Ralph in Salt Lake. My grandpa is one of my heroes. He is 91, a WWII vet, and will be honored with his 4 brothers at the Provo Freedom Festival this year (all 5 of them served in WWII!). We met him and his wife Lenore at Temple Square, and since his feet were hurting him (because he bought shoes that were too small because he liked how shiny they were...like military shoes...the little sweetheart) I got to chauffeur him around in a wheelchair. I love that man.
-Sunshine. Laying out by the pool never gets old.
-Cupcakes and Cafe Rio. I really think the cupcakes at Twentyfive main in St. George rival any cupcakes I've had in NY, and I could possibly live only only Cafe Rio Pork Salads.
-FAMILY. Tay on guitar, Sarah driving, Dad's greenhouse, errands with Mom, golfing with the whole gang, plenty of time in the car, lots of laughing. Family is the greatest blessing I have.

I think I've lived more in the last week than in the past three months!  I just can't wait for Dave to finish the CFA and join the party!


  1. What a fun trip home. That is so great you were able to do that. Now lets get this test over with so we can have our Hubbys back. :)

  2. Way to go Lizzy! What a way to celebrate-glad that u were able to visit your fam!

  3. I've always wanted to ride in one of those boats in Central Park but I never seem to have time when I'm there. Hope you get to enjoy them!

    Congrats on finishing another successful semester! I feel relieved for you. :)

    And, as always, you look so pretty, are you growing out your bangs?

  4. Way to go Liz! Looks like you had a great time with the fam!

  5. Angelique- As to the bangs question--I am growing them out for now, but still unsure whether it is going to last long. We'll see :)

    Seeing your cute bangs makes me want to chop mine again...too bad I can't have them both ways!


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