Women in my life

Moving to the East Coast has really made me appreciate good friends, especially "girl friends". In college (and even through high school) I was so focused on school and dating that I don't think I fully appreciated how great women are. I look back now and wonder why I didn't take more time with great roommates and friends?! Well, I'm determined to make up for lost time. I've even starting adding friends to my blog now...big step I know. (Drop a line and say hello if I haven't added you and you wanna be friends.)

How can you top great associations with women? I cherish the phone calls with friends who don't live close, the lunches and outings with friends who do, and the blog/facebook/email thoughts that mean so much. I remember watching Anne of Green Gables with my sister Jesika, and though I was/am weirded out by the term, Anne was right in saying that we need "bosom friends."
So here's to sisters, girlfriends, talks about things that matter, my mother, my mother-in-law, roommates, companions, inspiration and comfort, running partners, crafting, giggling, and all those I've yet to meet, to all of you goes out a little quote that originally inspired this post.

“Oh, how we need each other. Those of us who are old need you who are young.
And, hopefully, you who are young need some of us who are old.
It is a sociological fact that women need women.
We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other.”
Marjorie Hinckley

Costa Rica and the Harmons!

Costa Rica. Sigh. Wish I could transport back...but reliving it through some of these pictures will have to do!
Bree. I love this girl. She is becoming so independent, and also knows much more Spanish than I do (so I really don't know any Spanish, but she is actually pretty good). I went to nursery with her, and pretended I understood the lesson (really just made up my own interpretation of what was going on, a very creative interpretation). At Manuel Antonio- a fabulous beach- we both pretended we were so scared as the waves crashed around us. We also made the longest ever hopscotch.

We bought the churros because Uncle Kurt and Dave love them...
these were freshly fried, and still dripping with grease...ewww!
And Gabe, I'm glad you let me tickle you. Someday I'll be your favorite. But not this trip.
Jes: The day after I arrived in Costa Rica, my sweet mother had set up a river rafting trip for me and Jes (and due credit goes to Robbie for finding the trip). This may just have been my favorite part of my trip to Costa Rica. We were picked up in a van at 6am, and then drove about an hour to a little restaurant high above a beautiful canyon overflowing with trees, vines, and colors. We enjoyed gallo pinto along with a little one-one-one time. We then arrived at the river, and the river rafting itself was a blast. It was so wonderful to spend time with Jes. I don't know that we've had a day like that since our Africa trip---7 years ago! My favorite part about it was just laughing together until our stomachs hurt, remembering old jokes, and feeling again just how much we love each other.
Robbie: Excellent navigator, listener, and hermano. Found a great hotel for us at the beach, had a great FHE lesson (with a little visual aid about the Book of Mormon story about holding to the rod, it was darling though Bree was scared when we tried to turn the lights off or blindfold her like the mists of darkness), and was a good sport about all the sister time.

Robbie's picture of a crocodile :)

Dave: While I was soaking up the sunshine, and playing with family, my sweet Dave was at home braving 70/mph winds and major storms. Most of our area was out of power (I felt so happy that Dave didn't lose power!) and remained without for an entire week. I saw a ton of the damage when I came home--including huge trees that had been uprooted and had fallen into homes and blocked roads. I'm glad he survived without me :)

This is just outside our building,
Dave sent me this picture while I was sipping a pina colada.

Among other things, this trip reminded me that:
I am so grateful for America
I crave sunshine
I love new cultures
I miss family
I hope to be the kind of mom my sister is
and 7 days without Dave is a very long time!!!
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