Goodbye to one of my favorite months...

So I know the majority of people don't love February, but I'm always so sad to see it go! (With a birthday, valentine's and getting closer to spring it's always one of my faves.)
1- Central Park "Run for Haiti" with my friend Tammy. We both wanted to do a run in Central Park, and then found this one that was also for a great cause. What turned out even better was that the weather was perfect (I know it doesn't look like it with the snow, but it was such a gorgeous sunny day! It was a fun 4-miler, complete with New York bagels, a woman icing her foot in the snow, and the New York City landscape.

2- A wonderful birthday. My sweet husband went and outdid himself (but assured me he wasn't setting the bar--for me or himself :) and surprised me with tickets to Costa Rica to go see my sister over my spring break (only two weeks away!). I am so excited. Words can't express.
And let's just stop for a minute and reflect on how just last year I was single in Provo, and reconnected for the first time with Dave at my 25th birthday party. A year changes a lot eh?

3- Snow day! It was the perfect winter storm; lots of snow, bright moon, and the next day was sunny and warm. Then the next morning I got to go on a long run with one of my favorite running partners, who also happens to be named Lizzie :) It was extra fun because Dave and I were babysitting for some friends for the weekend--which meant we were staying in a real home, making breakfast with some great kids, and got to enjoy a family weekend. (I woke up early because I was so excited about the snow, and decided to go take some pictures. I love the one with the snow on the table, and when I saw it I kept thinking, "well it looks like there'snow dinner tonight kids" Dave says he'll have to monitor my blog if I put in another joke like that :)

4- Finally, I'm so proud of how hard Dave's working, and his persistence and determination out here. I love him for setting his mind on big things, and taking the hard path to come and make it out on the East Coast.

Au revoir February. Come back soon!

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  1. Lizzy I just love your happy posts! The Central Park race looks so fun - I can't wait to run one with you! You up for 11 miles this weekend?

    Goodbye February ... Now we say hello to one of my favorite months: March! Spring here we come!


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