...don't know when I'll be back again...

Waiting in the Orlando airport for my connecting flight to Costa Rica
wishing my honey could be with me,
but can't wait to see the whole Harmon clan!
I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Goodbye to one of my favorite months...

So I know the majority of people don't love February, but I'm always so sad to see it go! (With a birthday, valentine's and getting closer to spring it's always one of my faves.)
1- Central Park "Run for Haiti" with my friend Tammy. We both wanted to do a run in Central Park, and then found this one that was also for a great cause. What turned out even better was that the weather was perfect (I know it doesn't look like it with the snow, but it was such a gorgeous sunny day! It was a fun 4-miler, complete with New York bagels, a woman icing her foot in the snow, and the New York City landscape.

2- A wonderful birthday. My sweet husband went and outdid himself (but assured me he wasn't setting the bar--for me or himself :) and surprised me with tickets to Costa Rica to go see my sister over my spring break (only two weeks away!). I am so excited. Words can't express.
And let's just stop for a minute and reflect on how just last year I was single in Provo, and reconnected for the first time with Dave at my 25th birthday party. A year changes a lot eh?

3- Snow day! It was the perfect winter storm; lots of snow, bright moon, and the next day was sunny and warm. Then the next morning I got to go on a long run with one of my favorite running partners, who also happens to be named Lizzie :) It was extra fun because Dave and I were babysitting for some friends for the weekend--which meant we were staying in a real home, making breakfast with some great kids, and got to enjoy a family weekend. (I woke up early because I was so excited about the snow, and decided to go take some pictures. I love the one with the snow on the table, and when I saw it I kept thinking, "well it looks like there'snow dinner tonight kids" Dave says he'll have to monitor my blog if I put in another joke like that :)

4- Finally, I'm so proud of how hard Dave's working, and his persistence and determination out here. I love him for setting his mind on big things, and taking the hard path to come and make it out on the East Coast.

Au revoir February. Come back soon!
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