Snow Day and Four Month Mark!

People out here are so funny about bad weather. When a heavy snow storm is coming it is on every news station, radio station, and it is all people talk about (no joke, the stores sell out of food within a day). The first time this happened, Dave and I expected to wake up practically being snowed in. When we woke up the morning after the snowfall, we both looked outside thinking, "Really? That is it?!" We have both seen more snowfall in an hour in Utah.
So after living in Provo UT for over 5 years with no snow days (with more than enough snow-y days!) we finally got to experience a snow day today in Connecticut! This meant I didn't have to commute into New York for school, and that Dave's office had everyone take a half-day (though he stayed longer than that seeing how he works across the street). However, he still got to come home early, which was so fun and it was a perfect way to celebrate four months of marriage (in other words work on a pile of bills and give Dave a haircut!)
I think Utah should take a lesson from the East coast, and give a snow day once in a while!


  1. So crazy...cause it's like that in NC too! But that will be SO fun when you have kids who get to stay home from school and play! Remember when that happened once in St. George? It was the best!

  2. I think everyone should live in Rexburg for just one winter. Snow days only happen at 22 degrees below zero or when there is so much wind that you can't find the road because of drifts!


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