Men and Women

To keep us in that Valentine's day spirit, I want to share something that touched me this morning.
Though Dave and I have only been married four short months, I have realized that Dave and I are happiest when we recognize and appreciate our differences. I am grateful for Dave's insight, gifts and talents (to say nothing of his patience!), and love to be a part of the Jensen team.
A little piece that I loved from this section from Merril J. Bateman: “When a man understands how glorious a woman is, he treats her differently. When a woman understands that a man has the seeds of divinity within him, she honors him not only for who he is but for what he may become. An understanding of the divine nature allows each person to have respect for the other. The eternal view engenders a desire in men and women to learn from and share with each other."
My parents have been such great examples of this to me--particularly because they have never pretended to be perfect at it, but have shown me how to be humble and diligent through the process.
These are the thoughts you have when you've only been married a few months and are still trying to figure it out I guess!


  1. Thanks for the love! I love this great institution of marriage....

  2. Great quote...and I love your comment about mom and dad never pretending to be perfect at it. I think that is important for children to see, parents who are working together to make things the best they can be, but not putting up the "everything is perfect" marriage facade.

  3. So true! I was talking to a younger wife the other day and she said she could not wait for the point in time when you didn't argue over dumb things and agreed on everything. I laughed really hard ... 18 years into marriage and we haven't hit that point. We don't argue a lot, but we definitely have different ideas and opinions on several things. I think that is one of our greatest strengths. We force each other to open our minds and stretch to see and hear different things. I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  4. Hey Lizzy!

    Great quote/thoughts. I love your fresh thoughts on marriage, and love to talk to you about it and learn from you. Especially on a long run, it makes the miles go by quickly! Thanks for sharing your insights. And CUTE BLOG!



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