Men and Women

To keep us in that Valentine's day spirit, I want to share something that touched me this morning.
Though Dave and I have only been married four short months, I have realized that Dave and I are happiest when we recognize and appreciate our differences. I am grateful for Dave's insight, gifts and talents (to say nothing of his patience!), and love to be a part of the Jensen team.
A little piece that I loved from this section from Merril J. Bateman: “When a man understands how glorious a woman is, he treats her differently. When a woman understands that a man has the seeds of divinity within him, she honors him not only for who he is but for what he may become. An understanding of the divine nature allows each person to have respect for the other. The eternal view engenders a desire in men and women to learn from and share with each other."
My parents have been such great examples of this to me--particularly because they have never pretended to be perfect at it, but have shown me how to be humble and diligent through the process.
These are the thoughts you have when you've only been married a few months and are still trying to figure it out I guess!

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to spread some of the love--I'm feeling it here in Connecticut with Dave's parents vising us for the weekend! Wicked in NY, teaching my favorite class of young women, and good ol' sunday roast and potatoes...all topped off with a heart shaped red velvet cake.

Happy Valentines Day!

Snow Day and Four Month Mark!

People out here are so funny about bad weather. When a heavy snow storm is coming it is on every news station, radio station, and it is all people talk about (no joke, the stores sell out of food within a day). The first time this happened, Dave and I expected to wake up practically being snowed in. When we woke up the morning after the snowfall, we both looked outside thinking, "Really? That is it?!" We have both seen more snowfall in an hour in Utah.
So after living in Provo UT for over 5 years with no snow days (with more than enough snow-y days!) we finally got to experience a snow day today in Connecticut! This meant I didn't have to commute into New York for school, and that Dave's office had everyone take a half-day (though he stayed longer than that seeing how he works across the street). However, he still got to come home early, which was so fun and it was a perfect way to celebrate four months of marriage (in other words work on a pile of bills and give Dave a haircut!)
I think Utah should take a lesson from the East coast, and give a snow day once in a while!

Singing in the Subway

So after a week of ahem, learning experiences, I had a really wonderful day today. I'm not sure what was in the air or water, but it seemed that somehow everything was just right. The feeling reminded me of a song I just bought- "Lifetime" by Katharine McPhee. People seemed to act like it was almost Christmas--engaging in the bustling, friendly banter that I long for out here.
First, on my commute to school I got on the subway and stood next to a very friendly black man. Sometimes on the subway there are people (who I assume are there legally as they wear some kind of tag around their neck) who solicit money from the riders to help the poor in NY, they provide hygeniene kits etc...they are pretty loud, and talk about how they escaped poverty and sleeping in subways and then wanted to help others too. Anyhow, this was one of those guys so it was pretty normal for him to talk in front of everyone on the subway. We started a little friendly banter (which is pretty rare on the subway besides for this group) and he was quite loud and saying things like I have really pretty teeth (funny) and asking about what I do etc. I thought he was a street singer and asked if that was what he did (this makes me laugh now that I think I asked that). He said no, but that he did have a special song for me. He proceeded very loudly to sing "Just the Way You Look Tonight." It was so funny, and I definitely had a huge grin on my face as I stepped off that subway.
It seemed that everyone was so friendly, and then to end off such a great day I ran into a man down in the subway who was blind. For some reason I was so touched, and really inspired by this man, using a cane to navigate his way through the subway system of New York. I told him that I was really impressed by him, and that after a month of commuting I still struggled with the subways. We had a lovely chat on the subway.
All in all I felt a connection with New York City that I've been hoping to feel. I think this is going to be a good relationship.
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