The first day of school...again

I've finished my first week as a new student!

You know what's not fair, feeling like I had to be a 1L all over again. That's not a fun feeling the first time, let alone the second. However, the first time around I didn't get to do it in the concrete jungle, so at least I get some street cred this time.

I can't complain about the week either, the sun was shining, I met a few people in class, and I didn't even get too confused on the subway. I'm going to go with this week was a win.

One of the biggest blessings was coming out of the subway the first morning, and walking up the stairs with the Manhattan Temple right in front of me! It calmed my heart and made me feel so at home in a place that was so far from it.

I also had a good laugh when, in conversation with two different professors, I told them that I was transferring from Brigham Young University in Utah, and I got a very slow shake of the head with an accompanying, "ooooooohh, this is going to be a very different experience for you." I just smiled and told them I was up for it.

And I hope I am.


  1. Lizzy, So glad that you have a blog- I am excited to hear how you two are doing and to see pictures :) Best of luck with school! PS- We thought your black and white postcards were so cute!
    Love, Whitney

  2. I will be excited for the updates :) I think it's hilarious that you stewed over how to start the blog for so long. . . perfectionist Lizzy. love it!

    This post makes me even more excited to come out there!


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