Week three--Check!

Week three of classes has ended, and though I still feel like a fish out of water, I just keep telling myself its going to feel normal soon. Tonight Dave was praying before dinner and prayed that I would find more friends...thanks honey :)
One of my classes talked about "multi-cultural lawyering" this week. As the professor was talking, I looked around--asian female, 2 asian males, african american with shoulder length dreds, an indian, a handful of caucasians...pretty diverse crowd. However it dawned on me that I may just be the most different person in that room. I'm married, I come from a family of 6 kids and hope for a big family myself, I don't go to bars, I'm a regular church attender...needless to say I have a lot to learn out here.
I love the richness of this experience. My life is so different than it was just a few months ago-- marriage, NYC, commuting, subways, new law school, street musicians, watching the ballet classes practice at Juilliard, people watching, sitting outside in an open air market eating New England apples. My life is different, and rich, and good.
Today I got off on a different subways top than usual, and came upon a mosaic that said "By oft falling, drops of rain can break a stone." And for some reason, this seemed to explain everything. The drops of rain that have dropped so often in my life have changed, and I'm so grateful for the opportunities that the new rain will bring.

The first day of school...again

I've finished my first week as a new student!

You know what's not fair, feeling like I had to be a 1L all over again. That's not a fun feeling the first time, let alone the second. However, the first time around I didn't get to do it in the concrete jungle, so at least I get some street cred this time.

I can't complain about the week either, the sun was shining, I met a few people in class, and I didn't even get too confused on the subway. I'm going to go with this week was a win.

One of the biggest blessings was coming out of the subway the first morning, and walking up the stairs with the Manhattan Temple right in front of me! It calmed my heart and made me feel so at home in a place that was so far from it.

I also had a good laugh when, in conversation with two different professors, I told them that I was transferring from Brigham Young University in Utah, and I got a very slow shake of the head with an accompanying, "ooooooohh, this is going to be a very different experience for you." I just smiled and told them I was up for it.

And I hope I am.



Here we are.

We've officially been married 3 months today!

So why not start a blog?

I'm hoping that this blog is a little incentive for us to do more, become more, and remember it all more! (Keeping those on the other side of the country up to date on our lives isn't a bad idea either.)

I still find it hard to believe that we went from dating, living in different countries for the summer, Dave moving across the country, to living together in a place neither of us is really familiar with. And now here we are, starting out fresh with only each other!

We've officially been through a fall in Connecticut, and wow, is it always that amazing?! It's funny, having spent the summer in England made everything here in New England just make sense. The buildings, the weather, even in a way the people. We're getting used to the sticky climate, but are loving all the green. My morning runs have been nothing short of magical, and though I'll miss my Provo Canyon, there is so much for me to learn and explore out here. It seems like around every corner there is something breathtaking--and I'm not exaggerating, the homes, the flowers, even the animal life (I used to be surprised when I saw a squirrel, a pidgeon, a seagull, even a wild turkey, but out here you see them so often!).

Everything is different, I don't know if it's because I'm different myself now, or if it really just is this part of the country, but it's a difference that for now I love. I love feeling like you can smell the history of a building as you walk in. I love the unique brand of go-getter here that seems to permeate everything--the parents, schools, even the drivers!

I'm grateful I haven't felt homesick, and I think part of that is because of some good friends we've already met, mostly from church, and some from Dave's work too. Isn't it incredible how one friend can change everything? That's something for me to remember. It was so great to have my family out here for Christmas as well, I'll try to get some of those pictures up too--that's a memory I don't want to forget.

Perhaps it goes without saying how great it is to live so close to New York City. I hope I really fall in love with the Big Apple, and for now I have a big crush. Trusting from the last 3 months--the Radio City Rockettes Christmas show, hosting Christmas trip with the Hendersons, Christmas Markets, Phantom of the Opera, Manhattan Temple trips, New Years Eve fun with Dave's MBA friends, so many delicious places to eat--I think it's a safe bet.

All in all I feel like we're simply blessed to be here. I don't think I ever imagined myself living in the suburbs of New York, and in a way I feel like I won the lottery I never even entered.

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