Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Two fun parties=One great Halloween.

We had our Gourmet Girls Halloween Potluck. I made a Roasted Butternut Squash Salad, and a Red Fruit with Wheat Berry Salad. All the recipes and ideas can be found here

 Fun costumes.

 Amanda's little cheese ball pumpkins were so cute.

 I wish I would have taken more pictures of the decorations to show off what an incredible job Brooke did!

 Joni is incredible, she works in finance but is a chocolatier. I brought this home to share with Dave and we both were in heaven.

The second party was one Brooke threw on Friday. She used some of the same cute decorations from the Gourmet Girls night, but this picture is a little better. She decorated the house and everything was darling--she is so creative. Small group, a few games, lots of great food.

Happy Halloween!

They came here, then I went there!

My Dad had a board meeting in Connecticut a few weeks back so I got to see my parents here for a few days.

 Eating in Eatily, doesn't our waiter look like...

Mario Batali?

 Lots and lots of pasta.

 I would highly recommend their gelato!

 They say kissing the fish brings good luck?

(My Mom had the camera all night which means a lot of single pictures of me, and only one picture of them.)

Then since Dave had meetings in Utah that weekend I flew back with my parents to Utah and surprised Sarah. It is weird that I can remember when she was born, and vividly remember my excitement in finally getting a little sister. The age gap feels so much less now, and I love hanging with my little sister!

Love this girl, and couldn't be prouder of her. 

 Trying to look like she's taller than me :)

 Finally taller, a little help from the tip-toes.

While the boys golfed, the girls went to Thanksgiving Point. It just happened to be the weekend of the Utah Pumpkin Growing Competition and the Thanksgiving Point Harvest Festival.

Mom posing with one of the pumpkin growers.

 The line of pumpkins waiting to be weighed.

Loved this prize-winning T-shirt.

 Utah apples, 

Utah crafts,  

and Utah girls with Utah pumpkins.

I could handle this schedule every weekend. It would sure making living away from family a lot more bearable.


So it has been hard to focus today in class because I am so excited for tomorrow! Let me explain...
Dave and I had our first anniversary last week, but since we were in Vegas and Arizona with family we couldn't do anything to celebrate (though that was a fun celebration too!). Not to worry, because for the last month Dave has been planning a surprise Anniversary trip for this weekend! The only things Dave will let me in on are 1) we leave tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., and 2) (and this only came after some probing) Dave will tell me early tomorrow morning what I need to bring.

via Apartment Therapy
I looooove being surprised (which Dave knows) and love even more that Dave has been planning all of it. What a sweetheart. To be honest, I feel a little like Christmas looking forward to tomorrow, and a whole weekend to spend with Dave! 

Gourmet Girls

Sara and I decided to start a Gourmet Girls club a few months back. She's started a few of these clubs in the various places she's lived (Vegas, L.A.) and as she was telling me about it, we both got so excited to start one out here! The group gets together once a month and throws a themed gourmet party with invites, decorations, favors, menu.

Sara and I hosted the first dinner at her apartment out on her rooftop. The weather was beautiful-which was no small miracle as it was the only day of that entire week that wasn't pouring! The dinner's theme was a  vintage back to school, and we did a play on traditional kid foods-like pb&j, grilled cheese, juice boxes, pudding cups- to create a gourmet menu. 

My job was primarily the decorations-so I got to create everything from the save the date down to the favors, and Sara was the genius behind the menu. I thought I'd post a few pictures here, but you can see more pictures, and the full recipes on the blog. Sara did such a great job with the food, and it was so fun to create the whole night with her. 

The invite

The welcome table we set just outside Sara's door, complete with name tags.

We had lunch trays for each of the girls, with an apple and wrapped plastic silverware, and laid out the menus on the trays right before the girls came down. We took this picture earlier in the day, but at the time of the actual party the sun had set and the candles were lit. 

One of the the centerpieces.

Sara's rooftop created the perfect ambiance 

The fun twist on pb&j, the full menu and recipes can be found here.

 We started with appetizers in Sara's apartment. 

 The centerpieces for the appetizer table 

 This almond pesto was seriously so good. 

The "bologna" sandwiches (muffaletta), and the
 "grilled cheese" (caramelized onions, Brie, and green apples).

 "Fruit Snacks" and a picture of the food labels

Lots of fun girls.

Not a great picture of the favors--the tag said "a little something for the bus right home.

Quick picture with Sara at the end of the night.
I'm so excited what all the other girls come up with, and to look forward to a much needed creative outlet every month!

Summer Memories

A few summer memories that I don't want to forget, but which somehow never made their own post. As the air gets cold and it's getting darker earlier it is fun to give a last nod to summer.

Beach day with Lizzie and Taylor at the Greenwich Island Beach, which is literally an Island.
This picture was taken on the ferry ride over.

 Overlooking the bow, the island beach in sight!

Incredible estates (why not have a  pool house right on the beach?!)

Not a good picture, but the only shot I had of the beach.

 Visit from Aunt Caroline as she was on her way back from a summer class . She's a woman of my own heart as she was a practicing attorney for decades, retired, and is now studying something to feed her creative side.  She, Sara and I went to Little Thai Kitchen in Darien. 
Their mango sticky rice is a little bit of heaven.

Nicki's bridal shower (so glad she married McKay, because that means she's staying out here!)  which was hosted by cute April in this beautiful home. The whole shower was darling. 
I had to take a picture of this kitchen with this gorgeous blue stove! 

 We started off the shower with a fancy lunch in this room.   

These walls deserved another picture. 
Blue has always been my favorite color, but this shade with the gold trim was breathtaking!

 Next Colbie Caillat in Bridgeport.

Jamie, Lizzie, and I.

Concert take two, Usher in Central Park for Good Morning America.

 Sara wanted to dress up, we settled for crazy make-up.

 Sara did the make-up on the train ride in to the City. It was 6:00 am. 
Dave thinks we look like we were trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

Breakfast after at Norma's. 

The Jensen clan at the Yankees. Big celebration for Sara's birthday. 

I love summertime and this guy.
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