New Years Resolutions

The Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day is always a good one. While we’re still enjoying the peaceful Christmas music, the twinkling lights and the Christmas tree, this Sunday is a good day for me to catch my breath and—if we’re lucky—get caught up on missed sleep to kick the inevitable Christmas colds.

However the biggest reason that I love this Sunday before New Years is because it is the perfect day to focus on what I want to accomplish and who I want to become this year (it’s much easier to do this on a Sunday than on New Years Day when I’m tired from the night before!). Not only is it a great day to write my own resolutions, but to take time to set some resolutions as a family as well.

One resolution—both for me personally and for our family—has been on my mind this whole holiday season. It started back when I first got out our little nativity. It was in the center of our living room throughout December and since we spend a lot of time there with Tillie, she played with it a lot. Her favorite pieces were the shepherd (because it was holding a baby sheep), Mary, and baby Jesus.  She spent more time with that baby Jesus than any other “toy”—and Tillie loved to put him in the baby swing, burp him when Jane and Clara were being burped, and give him food and water.

As I watched her play with that little set we spoke often about the Savior and his life, and though I don’t know how much Tillie understood, she heard a lot of stories about Jesus this Christmastime. It was easy because he was there in the middle of the room. As I looked around our home I realized I need to do a better job after the holidays of having things up around the home that remind me of him. I want him to be at the center of what we do and think, and a bigger part of our family in 2014. I love this scripture about how we can keep him in the forefront of all that we do, and hope my children will say this about how I parented.

So one of my resolutions for 2014 is to have the Savior as more of a central part of our family. 

On the first day of summer

Just a few days ago I drove past the Yale New Haven hospital. Immediately came flooding back to my mind exactly where I was a year ago. Sitting in my hospital bed overlooking the bay, with nurses in and out of my room, and without my husband and Tillie Rose. I held on to hope that we would have a good outcome for our twins, but barely allowed myself to dream that someday I would be able to take my 3 kids out and enjoy the sunshine.

It's crazy to me that a year has already past, and even more so that all those dreams have come true. 

Now here it is, the first day of summer! No better way to celebrate the twins' first summer than a day at the beach with splashing chunky baby legs, daddy-daughter walks, and sand in my toes. 

Still getting used to the whole sand thing (except of course for Jane on the left with a whole fist full in her mouth). I keep giggling at how these swimsuits look a little like wrestling singlet's on our chunky babies.

I think this last one is my new favorite. 

Welcome back summer!

Mother's Day

As I sit down to write about Mother's Day I've already changed 3 diapers, cleaned up a puddle of pee, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, wiped up at least 10 pools of spit up, made a meal for 5, gave hugs, wiped tears, washed 2 loads of laundry, and said a few prayers for patience.

And it's not even 9 am.

I probably couldn't be paid enough to do this in any other setting, but all the money in the world couldn't take me away from doing what I do as a mother.

I think that's worth celebrating!

This Mother's Day we invited over a few dear friends, ate some great food and enjoyed one of the first days of spring (so overdue!). With a little help from Dave, Tillie Rose picked some flowers for the table and made me my first ever Mother's day card.

This is how most family pictures go these days--we start out with great intentions, and end up with one of us laughing and usually one of the babies crying.

Who would have thought last year (when there was only 1 child between the 3 of us) that just a year later there would be 5?

Times have changed from last year--from a mom to Tillie Rose to a mom of three! I'm so grateful that my experience with motherhood so far has included a supporting husband, some great friends that I get to learn from and experience motherhood with, and 3 angel girls that drive me to my knees both to thank God for the opportunity, and to ask for help so that it doesn't eventually drive me crazy! It's so much work, but such an honor, to be a mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Easter!

We decided at the last minute to head to D.C. for Easter, and be with family! (It feels so good to say that, living so far away from family makes us appreciate moments like this.)

The weekend was filled with an Easter Egg hunt, movies, tennis, reconnecting with one of my dearest friends from law school, a gorgeous Easter dinner, and an Easter service.

The 4:1 parent to child ratio on the Easter egg hunt was comical, but none of us were complaining with these two.

This is how the whole hunt went, Tillie would find the eggs then bring them to Pierce. Clara unfortunately (or fortunately?) slept through the whole thing, so Jane had plenty of adults to dote on her as well, including our cousin Jane Elizabeth (and if our Jane turns out as beautiful inside and out as Jane, we'll be lucky parents).

The grand hosts, and my idols.

And of course we had to (try) to take some Easter pictures on Sunday.

I can't help but say how blessed we feel, especially on Easter. The knowledge that we have a Savior and that He lives, has changed our marriage and our family in every way. The more we center our lives on trying to become like Him, the better life is. 

And last, getting out some energy before the drive home.

Happy Easter!

General Conference Weekend

What a wonderful weekend. My heart is full of gratitude, and sings with David's in Psalm 136, "O give thanks to the Lord!"

Lately I've been yearning to feel centered again, and this week I've been able to do that. Everything has found it's proper place, and even the sun was shining!

General Conference brought me so many answers, and funny enough (after my post this week) steered me in a very different direction than the questions I had written down! I guess that's the beautiful thing about revelation.

I am ready to yet again turn over a new leaf, start a new chapter, and realign my life more closely with the best version of myself. I'm grateful for eternal reminders and heavenly tugging that come when we try to do those things that bring us closer to God. And I'm especially grateful this weekend for the messages that seemed to be sent from Heaven just for me.

Here are a few pictures of what was a very good day!

How to carry two babies at once

Just in case you were wondering.

And doesn't he make it look too easy?

Deep Cleaning

This morning I decided to do a good deep cleaning of our place. Nothing too fancy, but taking the extra time to clean baseboards, wipe down walls where it was needed, organize the toys and throw out the old or broken ones, you know the drill (unless of course you don't clean your house or someone does for you, to which I say lucky you!).

As I was cleaning, and looking over at my girls playing (hooray!), I kept thinking about the need for a good deep cleaning every now and then in our lives. Most of the time in my house doing the dishes and light pick up is good enough, and as long as I do a daily sweep to put things away and keep the kitchen looking good, our house is in pretty good order. But every few weeks the house needs a little more love, and when I take the time to do a deep clean it feels so good!
Aren't our lives the same? When we're trying to live right, most of the time our lives just need a little upkeep, but every once in a while it's important to do a good deep clean. It is so healthy to take an inventory of our lives and see if our priorities are in order, if our relationships are strong, and if God is central to our life. Sometimes it may lead us to more serious repentance, and sometimes we may be inspired to simply make smaller course corrections, but every time it brings satisfaction and added peace.
There is nothing like a good deep clean, whether for our homes, or for our spirits!
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